Recreational Gymnastics

Known as a fundamental movement sport, gymnastics provides the building blocks for all other sports, dance and martial arts. There are huge benefits in child development, along with loads of fun. You have children that learn through exploration and play, who are encouraged to be creative with their minds and bodies.

Benefits of recreational gymnastics:

  • Growth and development with a focus on fundamental movement patterns such as, rotation, balance, swing, manipulative skills (throwing and catching) locomotion, spring and landings.
  • Growing essential motor skills.
  • Building confidence, self-esteem, and body awareness.
  • Co-ordination, strength, flexibility and hand-eye co-ordination.
  • Its a great fitness foundation, cross training for a variety of sporting and recreation activities as they get older.

Most of our classes here at the Whanganui Boys & Girls gym club are fully structured classes with a specific skill focus each week. Starting with a warm-up at the beginning of the lesson, followed by a group teaching activity, circuit work and cool down. If you are making a booking, please let our administration know what your group would like to achieve throughout your lesson and our Head Recreational Coach will be happy to make up a session plan that suits your needs, whether it is a fun session or a structured class.


Taking part in recreational gymnastics at a young age comes with many benefits for toddlers and pre-schoolers. As well as helping them to develop their co-ordination and build their self-esteem, its all about having fun and focusing on interactive play and their social well-being. Pre-school classes encourage them to be active in a safe and monitored environment. Even the parents get involved too!

If you are wanting to enrol your child into Recreational gymnastics, please make sure you enrol your child well in advance before the term starts. We can only take a specific number into each class and they do fill up quickly!