Gym Rules

Gymnasts must

  • Be on time
  • Be enrolled via our website
  • Have long hair tied up
  • Wear club colours. Any shorts worn must be without zips or buttons
  • No Jewellery or watches
  • Have respect for themselves and others
  • Practice good sportsmanship

Gym Rules

  • Respect the gym and all of its facilities
  • Talk to the coaches and each other respectfully
  • Listen when you are in class
  • Only go on the equipment during your class time
  • Only one person at a time on the big trampoline
  • Check the way is clear before you jump into the pit
  • No fighting, bullying or bad language
  • No picking or throwing the foam cubes
  • No balls to be thrown
  • No food to be consumed in the gym area and equipment
  • Stay inside the gym until your parents/caregivers pick up from inside the gym club.

Rules of Misconduct

If any gymnast behaves inappropriately the following steps will be taken

  • The gymnast will be talked to about their behaviour
  • The gymnast may be removed from the activity and placed in ‘time out’ for a period of time
  • The parent may be telephoned for collection of their child
  • A parent or guardian of the gymnast will be asked to attend their child’s class
  • In more serious circumstances, if the club feels necessary, gymnasts may be asked to step down from the gymnastics club with no fee refund.