Each year we have a number of our gymnasts, ex-gymnasts or members of the community join the XTND programme. The Coaches learn many skills in this program, not only for teaching Gymnastics, but also leadership skills. The XTND program is 3 years, in which time the Coaches attend modules for each gymnastic code, expand their knowledge, make new friends and learn to develop a teaching and leadership style.

Our XTND Coaches are valuable members of our Club, who add excitement to every Class!

If you are interested in becoming a member of the programme, please contact Kelly for more information: competitive@wanganuigymclub.co.nz


Letter from Caitlin Gedye (past graduate of XTND)
During the past three years I have been taking part in an extended leadership course called Xtnd. The course trains and builds up leadership skills in young gymnasts and teenagers who have the potential to grow up and become coaches.

The commitment allows me to help coach a class every Tuesday to enhance my skills and go to modules that generally take place four times a year either in New Plymouth or Whanganui. During these modules we do a whole range of leadership building activities in fun ways through things such as games, group activities and taking turns coaching our peers. By doing this we build up skills that will help us become more con dent teaching and stepping up to take leadership roles.

I am in my third year and have made some really good friends through taking part in it. My confidence around kids has grown due to the support I have been given through the programme.

By doing Xtnd we can meet new people who enjoy doing the same thing as us and it helps us support each other to reach our full potential. I’m really enjoying the course as I know it will be helpful for me later in life.

It’s a great opportunity and I am glad that I was given it.

Caitlin Gedye